Piotr Jurkowiecki


CEO and founder of SELMA

The Bio-Com composting system is a technology based on the use of a cheap, disposable, closed bioreactor with an INNOVATIVE aeration system. Designed for biostabilization of 0-80 fractions of mixed municipal waste.

The constant pursuit of cheaper resources and the increase in waste pose a serious threat to the environment. Instead of engaging more and more resources, we can optimise their use and improve waste management, including waste recovery. Our company’s goal is to offer technology and services to support this.

Maciej Gbiorczyk


Vice President and Chief Engineer

I am an Environmental Engineer with extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and implementing devices and solutions for environmental protection. I cooperated with universities in Wrocław, Bydgoszcz and Rzeszów. At the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, I conduct a series of classes on modern technologies in the field of environmental protection.

Biofilters and HAF Bio filter is a range of INNOVATIVE devices based on high efficiency mineral deposits. HAF bio biofilters designed to eliminate odor nuisance and control emissions to the atmosphere.

Our solutions in Poland

We adapt our solutions to various environments